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Bands / Musical ensemble Description

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This article is about musical groups. For the video game series, see Rock Band. For other uses, see Music group (disambiguation)

musical ensemble also known as a music group is a group of people who perform instrumental or vocal music, typically known by a distinct name. In classical musictrios or quartets either blend the sounds of musical instrument families (such as piano, strings, and wind instruments) or group together instruments from the same instrument family, such as string ensembles or wind ensembles. In jazz ensembles, the instruments typically include wind instruments (one or more saxophones, trumpets, etc.), one or two chordal "comping" instruments (electric guitar, piano, or organ), a bass instrument (electric bass guitar or double bass), and a drummer or percussionist. In rock ensembles, usually called rock bands, there are usually guitars and keyboards (piano, electric pianoHammond organ, synthesizer, etc.) and a rhythm section made up of a bass guitar and drum kit.