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There is a time and place when we all want to succeed and go far in any job we want. This website's goal is to help you get you dream job. Basically what profession you choose that usually is hard to come by in getting a job, this site will be a place to showcase your work and all you want to put here. What we do with this site is provide a place to showcase all your work and future events. If you are a DJ or Musician you can post events and even place invites and such. You can even setup special parties that you wish to host. It even has a map to show location and many other features you can place on your profile.

This site also has built in groups for each individual type of job profession. There will be more added in near future and eventually we will allow even the Members to make their own groups. In each group you can socialize with each other and help each other out. This site is for the people and run by the people. Though like for all such nice services and such there is always a catch. The catch is quite simple. If you just register as a free member you only have capability to read and look at content. But if you are truly serious about getting your business, work, and anything you want and need to help get your name out you will have to buy a membership to obtain all the features. 



Membership Explaination

To check out our Membership plans please click on the Membership Signup Tab located to the right of Home tab at top. This is where all the membership subscription plans are located. Each type of Membership gives certain amount of capabilities to be used on this site. The best is Platinum subscription which gives you full blown access. Which is only 8 dollars a month. While Bronze subscription is the lightest with least amount of access to the site capabilities. Though it only costs like 2 dollars a month. Due to our vendor limitations you have to use Paypal account to subscribe for a membership. In the future when this site grows we will definitely pay for a much better vendor service and have the ability to use Credit cards without needing paypal. But at the time for right now that is not possible. I deeply apologize but we will soon add this feature in the future.

Membership NO-NO's

Now if you do pay for a membership subscription we will allow any form of advertisement and such you wish to push onto the site. But it must be legal and not spam what so ever. We will not tolerate any form of spam. Also the content CANNOT have any form of ADULT CONTENT coming even close to NUDITY or such. We have ZERO TOLERANCE for any form of ADULT / PORNOGRAPHIC CONTENT.

This is not a site to do any kind of business that promotes any form of adult type services. We will and immediately take down the content and depending on severity of the content. We will ban you from the site. Please take a look at our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy agreement page to get a good idea of what I am referring too.

Membership Perks

We are flexible and will allow just about any form of promotion. Including your business you are just starting out and such. As long as you pay for the subscription we will allow such promotion. I also want to point out with a high end subscription plan, you will have massive capabilities to upload pictures, videos, and many other things you would like to use for promoting your site. As we grow we will up the filesize limit but for now its not that high. Though picture filesize limit is quite large which can get up to around 10 to 20 MB filesize. That should be good for many full sized high quality pictures you desire to upload. 

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There is a favorite quote I love to follow!

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. ~David Frost